World Hunger Fund

Small sacrifices and simple swaps can make a BIG difference!

  • A cup of fancy coffee can cost $11 a week, but home-brewed joe can be had for around a dollar. The difference? $10
  • A meal out for a family of four can easily top $50, but a home-cooking meal for the same family can cost as little as $15. The difference? $35
  • A night out at the movies for a family of four can easily top $75, but an evening at home with a DVD can cost well under $10. The difference? $65

100% of all donations to the WHF go to feeding hungry people; not a dime of WHF donations goes to any administrative cost.

The need for hunger relief is huge. One out of every six people in the world is undernourished; one out of every six people in the U.S. don’t get enough food to be healthy. Poverty among children is on the rise, and 18.4 percent of Kentucky’s children live in poverty.

The eternal impact of the World Hunger Fund is tremendous. In Kentucky alone, 192 people professed faith in Jesus Christ as a direct result of hunger relief ministries.

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Your donation makes a difference!  100% of your gift will be used to fund hunger relief around the world. 85% will be allocated to international relief projects; 15% will be used for domestic projects.

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